Dr Doreen Robin ME., PhD


Dr. D. Doreen Robin is the director of Computational Intelligence Research Foundation. She received her B.Tech in Information Technology from Madras University, Chennai, M.E in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai and Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University. Her research interests include Parallel and Distributed computing, Peer to Peer computing, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. Previous positions include Professor & Head at Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology in the Department of Information Technology. Assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai Teaching Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science , Anna University, Chennai and Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. She has published about 30 papers in International and National Journals and Conferences. She is a life member of ISTE. She is a reviewer for Computer and Electrical Engineering Journal and Future Generation Computer Science journal.




 Dr C R Rene Robin M.E., Ph.D 

Director, CIRF

Dr.C.R. RENE ROBIN, is the director of Computational Intelligence Research Foundation and  Professor & Dean (Innovation) at Sri Sairam Engineering College (Autonomous) | Research Supervisor - AU | Goodwill Ambassador, Plastic Free Tamil Nadu Movement | Chairman - YMCA Madras (Kilpauk Br), He was born in 1977, in Kanya Kumari District, Tamil Nadu, India. He received his M.E.(CSE) and Ph.D (CSE) degrees from CEG, Anna University, India in 2006 and 2011, respectively. He is working as Professor & Dean(Innovation) at Sairam Group of Institutions, Chennai. He has worked in Jerusalem College of Engineering (Autonomous), Chennai-100, since July 2006 and held various positions like Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE, Joint Director (Affiliation, Approval & Accreditation) & Associate Dean. He also worked as a programmer at the Ramanujan Computing Centre, Anna University, Chennai-25 from Dec. 2000 to Jan. 2006.Other Responsibilities at JCE :
Project Head - Imparting skill training to rural candidates - Funded by : DDUGKY (Govt. of India) & TNSRLM (Govt. of Tamil Nadu)
Nodal Officer - NSQF Programme, Under UGC, Govt. of India
IQAC Co-ordinator, NBA Co-ordinatorHis areas of interest include Ontological Engineering, Knowledge Management, E-Learning, Semantic Web etc. He is a recognized supervisor of Anna University to guide Ph.D and M.S (by research) in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. Six Students have successfully completed their Ph.D programme and currently 7 research scholars are doing their research under him. He is a doctoral committee member of Anna University, Sathyabama University and VIT University, Chennai. He is an active Professional Member of ACM and ACM recognized him as ambassador. He is a life time member of ISTE and member of several professional bodies.He wrote a book on “Role of Ontology in Software Risk Management – KM Approach” published by LAP Lambert Publishing House, Germany. He contributed a chapter on “ONTO-KMS-TEC : An Ontology based Knowledge Management Framework to Teach Engineering Courses” for the book Knowledge based Processes in Software Development published by IGI Global, USA.He received “Mentor Award” from IBM during Felicitation Ceremony of The Great Mind Challenge 2011. He got the Young IT Professional Award 2012 (Special Mention) by Computer Society of India at the Regional level. He received Award for Teaching Excellence at Indo-Global Education Summit 2013.He has visited Cardiff University, Wales on 13-05-2014 and Manchester University, England on 16-05-2014.

Research Publications

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